At Rolfson our commitment to safety extends to everything we do on customer sites, on the road and behind the scenes. Our policies are some of the most specific in the industry and have been developed working hand in hand with our customers to ensure safe, reliable and efficient fueling operations. 

At Rolfson, Safety is more than just a booklet – it’s a culture. When we involve safety in our routine tasks and thought processes, we become more productive and efficient as well. At Rolfson, a JSA is not just a form, it’s a habit. For our drivers, pre-trip inspections are second nature as is always arriving wearing full and proper FR gear and PPE. Rolfson Drivers appreciate how our commitment to safety makes their days safer and more efficient. 

Our EHS policies take on the many special and unique safety challenges presented by the completions, exploration and production environments. Understanding and embracing the importance of safety on a fundamental level lets us design and implement real-world policies and procedures that succeed in the field. Many Rolfson Oil policies have been adopted by customers throughout the region as their own standard.

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