TotalFueling by Rolfson Oil leverages exclusive technology and equipment with innovative service delivery approaches to design a fueling program with all aspects of a customer’s operation in mind. From real time frac fuel tracking to innovative tank solutions, retail fueling options and more your Rolfson Representative can help design the ideal TotalFueling program for your needs.

FUELLOGS Frac Fuel Tracking

Know Your True Cost Per Stage & More – In Real Time!
total accuracy, maximum value

  • Real-time online reporting of fuel usage by state / site / asset!
  • Run reports & export to Excel for analysis
  • Eliminates Unauthorized Fueling
  • Instant, Accurate Invoicing & Backup
  • Allows multiple invoices / customers per site as part of a single coordinated program
  • Analyze data to identify usage spikes and predict equipment maintenance and repair needs
  • Easily produce accurate records for IFTA purposes - saves hundreds of tax prep hours & mitigates audit risk
  • Eliminates safety risk of multiple fueling companies on site
  • Also prints paper tickets on site daily!

MUDDRILL Pro+ Specialty Mud Fuel

High performance Drilling fluid

MUDDRILL Pro+ improves performance vs. ULSD Diesel in your current mud system. This product includes re-refined, high-quality recycle-ready waste Group II and III synthetic motor oils, yielding a more lubricative fluid that boosts aniline point and reduces wear on critical drilling components and cuts emulsifier consumption.

High aniline levels extend the life of all components with rubber and elastomer seals, including MWD equipment, stator motors, seals and mud pumps.

MUDDRILL Pro+ makes a tighter emulsion than ULSD alone, and can reduce emulsifier consumption. Field testing shows up to a 30-50% reduction in emulsifier use and cost savings per well.

Aniline Point ASTM D611 120 - 145 ºF >180ºF
Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D445 2.4 cSt 4.5 cSt
Lubricity wear scar ASTM D6079 >600 μm >220 μm

MudMaster Tanks

Rolfson MudMaster tanks are ideal for storing MUDDRILL PRO+ or regular mud diesel fuel and are available in multiple configurations and sizes from 10,000 to 20,000 gallons. Mudmaster tanks are available as tanks (only) or complete setups with your specified pump arrangement pre-installed. Mudmaster tanks are skid mounted for easy customer self-transport during rig moves. Depending on your Rolfson relationship structure, Mudmaster tanks may even be available at little or no direct cost to you. Work with your Rolfson Account Manager to spec out your next Mudmaster tank today!

10,000 & 20,000 USG Single Wall Skid Mount Horizontal Optional, Air or Electric

Rigpup Tanks

Rolfson Rigpup tanks are designed with drilling rigs in mind. The self-contained 500-gallon tanks are equipped with a pump and meter for filling ancillary items like loaders, light plants, man lifts and generators onsite. The tanks can be easily carried by a loader with forks for maximum convenience. The 12v pump connects to battery power for simple transportability. When it comes time to refill Rigpup, simply secure the on-board transfer pump hose to the rig tank camlock connection and easily refill right on site. Rigpup’s ability to refuel from the rig tank means no waiting and paying extra for separate bobtail deliveries just to fill up your small tank – saving time AND cost.

500 USG Single Wall Integral 12V Pump: On-board

Fuelpod Service

Fuelpod Service from Rolfson Oil offers customers an affordable and reliable alternative to the traditional model of dispatching a traditional fuel truck and driver. Fuelpod is perfect for customers with smaller fuel quantity and/or distributed fueling location requirements. Fuelpod Trailers use configurable tank modules, none larger than 110 gallons, to carry up to 920 gallons of bulk oils, fluids, and/or diesel fuels. Fuelpod trailers can be towed by a heavy duty pickup operated by a single driver / fueling technician.

Fuelpod can be refilled at Rolfson yards and participating partner locations to enable a single technician to fuel / maintain multiple sites within your area of operations per day. Fuelpod with truck and technician is available in ½ day (6 hour) and 1 day (10 hour) blocks or both depending on market – consult your Rolfson Account Manager to design your fueling program today. Setting up a regular schedule allows the same technician to provide service most days. Your Rolfson Fuelpod and fueling technician will go to and fuel / service the sites you direct and track usage for simple billing by well or other location.

Pricing for Fuelpod service is simple and affordable compared to traditional fueling of small sites, offering lower fees and lower fuel prices and more control over your own fueling program with the convenience of a vendor supplied program. Your Rolfson Account Manager and local operations team will work with you to design the ideal Fuelpod service schedule for your small and/or distributed fueling needs.

Retail Fuel Cards

Operating trucks and passenger vehicles throughout the oilfield? Save money and get better fleet fueling data than credit cards with retail fuel cards from Rolfson Oil.

  • Pay the pump price only – no surcharges.
  • Fuel anywhere FUELMAN network is accepted – one of the largest networks in the USA
  • Monthly consumption and mileage reports by card/unit included in your TotalFueling easy-report.
  • Provides tighter control over fueling expenditure and backup than credit cards